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Play with a health warning: The Aliens, plus rehearsal pics

Just got an email through from the Bush Theatre about its play The Aliens which I'm booked to see with @polyg a week on Saturday. As well as the running time it had the following warning:

Please note that the show contains strong language and real cigarettes

Obviously I shall endeavour not to be offended by the strong language as someone who never so much as allows a 'blast' to cross her lips. Ahem. But I'm curious about the cigarettes warning. I don't smoke 'real cigarattes' or even unreal cigarettes but it wouldn't make me think twice about seeing a play. Would anyone else be put off and demand a refund? Or is it that much of a health threat to someone who say suffers from asthma?

Usually the warnings are posted in the theatre presumably because it's a legal requirement. Anyway I shall endeavour not to succumb to a fit of coughing when any of the actors light up now I've been warned.

And while we are on the topic of The Aliens, here are some great rehearsal shots taken by the wonder Simon Annand of The Half fame.