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Interview: Writer & director Rebecca Holbourn on her new play and what she loves about theatre

Later this week, writer, director and producer Rebecca Holbourn will be at Camden People's Theatre preparing for the opening night of her new play Violated.

I asked her about the play and her thoughts on theatre, and you can watch the interview, or there is a transcript below.

How would you describe your play Violated?

Violated is based on real-life experiences. It explores and discusses broken consent and violation in many different forms, not just sex.

Why did you want to tell this story?

This story is obviously very personal to me as it includes a lot of my past, and that gets explored, which is very tricky. But I think everyone has their own tricky memory that they don't necessarily want to face.

And everyone needs to consider if actually some of the things they're holding on to might be because they didn't say yes.

How will you be feeling on opening night?

Opening night sounds scary, but I honestly cannot wait for my actors to be in front of an audience because they're smashing it, and they deserve to be seen.

I should probably be proud of my words too, but I can't wait for people to see my actors.

What do you like about making theatre?

I love theatre and making theatre and experiencing theatre, and they're all the same kind of thing because theatre is so much more than one person experiencing it.

There is always going to be someone else. And so many people put their hearts and souls into every production and creation; it's truly a magical experience. There's nothing like it.

What is your favourite type of theatre to watch?

I like a good range of theatre, but I do appreciate humour. I think humour gets underestimated because comedy can be found everywhere.

There's no reason in a play you shouldn't be able to laugh even if it is about a serious topic.

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Violated is at the Camden People's Theatre from 3-6 August as part of the Camden Fringe. You can find more details here on the Camden Fringe website.