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Interview: Theatre creativity during lockdown and its legacy - with Chloe Nelkin

NEWS: My first Instagram Live interview with Chloe Nelkin - and plans for the future

Very excited (and nervous) to be doing my first Instagram Live interview next week with theatre and opera PR and all-around lovely person Chloe Nelkin.

We're going to be chatting about theatre (naturally), including what was produced during the lockdown and how that will shape theatre in the future.

It's happening on Tuesday 7 September at 7 pm GMT on my Instagram channel.

If you've been a visitor to my theatre blog for a while, you may have seen my Q&A interviews with theatre creators.

These were always done via email, mainly for time and logistics reasons.

But it is never the same as chatting in person, which is something I've always wanted to do (I'm a professional question asker by day 🙂).

And I'm hugely curious about how theatre is made and the creative process - and all things theatre, really.

I toyed with starting a theatre podcast, but it's a big investment of time to produce and promote, and there are costs involved. I know this mainly because I'm launching a podcast for my business.

Maybe when that is up and running and I've streamlined the production process a bit, I'll start the theatre podcast.

But in the meantime, Instagram Live seems like the obvious platform for doing interviews. Fewer resources and equipment are required.  I've been doing more video content with 60-second reviews, Sunday Theatre questions and I like the medium.

My work involves a lot of writing, so it makes a change from tapping away on a keyboard.

If the tech plays ball (or rather I can work it out), I'll be posting the Instagram Live recordings here along with a write up of the discussion, so if you aren't on Instagram or aren't around for the Live (and you are interested), you won't miss out.

If you can join Chloe and me on Tuesday, that would be fab - hopefully, 'see' you there.