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Lockdown London theatre walks: Hampstead Theatre - comedy conversions, velvet and Ben Whishaw

I don't want to turn this lockdown theatre walks series into Ben Whishaw stories, but I do have a Ben Whishaw story connected to Hampstead Theatre, but I'll come onto that.

Hampstead theatre Dumb Waiter
Hampstead Theatre Jan 2021

Normally I'd get the tube to Hampstead as the Santander Cycle docks don't stretch that far but having the time, I cycled into town and met up with fellow blogger Maryam (Cultural Capital) for a socially distanced walk to the theatre.

At the end of last year, we had tickets to see The Dumb Waiter, but then theatres had to close, again, so it was bittersweet seeing the posters.

I think my relationship with Hampstead properly started with Propeller Theatre and two particular productions: Richard III and A Comedy of Errors.

Richard Clothier's portrayal of Richard III is still one of my favourites and Propeller's 'Errors' was the first time a Shakespeare comedy had really made me laugh so it was a bit of a revelation.

Velvet trip hazards

Another play that really 'stands out' is The Judas Kiss for reasons of impressive velvet backdrop which proved to be a teeny trip hazard and, well, if you've seen it you'll know the 'other' reason. 

It also had Stan favourite, Freddie Fox, in it and there is a story connected to Freddie that may pop up when I make it to the Southwark Playhouse on my lockdown walks. (Links to all reviews below.)

And finally, there is the Ben Whishaw story.

You know when you are sitting in the middle of the row, and all the seats around you are occupied except one (in this instance the one right behind me), and that person decides to arrive just moments before curtain up?

Bit of a disturbance

Half the row has to stand up to let them to their seat, which causes a bit of a disturbance.  Then, as they are getting to their seat you feel their coat brush against your head (the seats are raked), you turn around to see who is causing kafuffle and it's your favourite actor.

The play was The Last of The Duchess starring Anna Chancellor, and it was after they had worked together in The Hour. This particular night not only Ben but also Romola Garai and Joshua McGuire had decided to have a group outing to see their co-star.

It wasn't the first time he's stalked me at the theatre, but that's a story for my Donmar post...

What stories and memories do you have from visits to Hampstead Theatre? 

Scroll down for some more Hampstead play highlights and memories.

The reviews in case you are interested:

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And some more Hampstead highlights:

Gloria starring Colin Morgan, Ellie Kendrick and Kae Alexander from 2017

Sex With Strangers because...Theo James.

Wild because it had the most amazing set twist.

Mr Foote's Other Leg mainly because it was such a delight to see Simon Russell Beale playing such a potty-mouthed character.

Di and Viv and Rose - so good I saw it twice. It's a great story about female friendship.

Tiger Country mainly because I sustained a very theatrical injury while in the theatre.