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Happy 50th birthday Young Vic: A few of my favourite productions

The Young Vic is celebrating its 50th birthday and while I've only been visiting since 2007-ish, I've seen many fantastic and memorable plays there in that time.

Young Vic neon sign
Photo: Rev Stan

It's one of my favourite theatres, partly because of the variety of work it puts on, partly because the space is so flexible you never know what to expect and partly because it just has a cool vibe.

So I've been on a bit of a trip down memory lane and dug through my archives to pick out some of my favourite productions.

Happy Birthday Young Vic, hope to be back watching plays again soon...

Jesus Hopped The 'A' train, 2019

Genius writing by Stephen Adly Guirgis and the cast didn't waste a word of it. The play took you in an unexpected direction and left you questioning your thoughts and reactions.

The Inheritance, 2018

Aside from being an epic two-parter which is full of laughter and pathos, I also have a fondness for this play and production because I saw it on my birthday. (And I prefer it to Angels in America but shhh don't tell anyone.)

My Name is Rachel Corrie, 2017

A fantastic solo performance by Erin Doherty, and a story that simultaneously gave you faith in mankind and utter despair.

Yerma, 2016

Inventive staging, 'magical' scene changes, a contemporary spin on a classic that worked brilliantly - and Billie Piper.

A Song From Far Away, 2015

The first word that came out of my mouth after watching this Simon Stephens play was "fuck" - for good reasons.

Young Vic neon box office
Photo: Rev Stan

Ah! Wilderness, 2015

An early performance by the fabulous George Mackay, which I saw twice and came away with a rather fantastic souvenir. There were also a few mishaps with props...

A Streetcar Named Desire, 2014

Couldn't exclude this from the list. Still one of my all-time favourite productions and it was brilliant to see it again via the NT Live streaming during the lockdown.

A View From the Bridge, 2014

Still can't believe that this was in the same year as Streetcar. Another hands-down, all-round superb production and knock-out performances. I think it was the first Ivo Van Hove directed play I'd seen.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane, 2010

I think this was my first introduction to Martin McDonagh's plays and I've been a fan ever since. A brilliantly witty and dark comedy which is just how I like them.

The Good Soul of Szechuan, 2008

A pre-theatre addict/pre-theatre blog play and my introduction to Brecht. I loved the way the space was transformed and the inventive use of ordinary furniture. Oh and Jane Horrocks.

Vernon God Little, 2007

Another pre-blog play but it sticks in my memory for several reasons. It was a brilliantly inventive adaptation with some really fun staging and it was Colin Morgan's post drama school stage debut.

What are your favourite Young Vic productions, tell me in the comments?