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I asked and you answered: The one play you'd go back to revisit if you had a time machine

Sunday Theatre Questions started on my Instagram and FB channel back in February and I'm really enjoying reading the answers and stories. So, I thought I'd share some of them here, starting with my first Sunday Theatre Question:

And here are some of the choices from the good theatre fans on Instagram - interesting that After the Dance came up more than once...


No surprise, but 2010’s After The Dance at the NT. I just loved everything about it so very much.


I'm going to go for The Glass Menagerie at the Young Vic. Just something beautiful about that production. Would have to be staged somewhere different of course, couldn't have something like that at the YV now.


Tom and Clem with Alec McCowen and Michael Gambon. It ran for a few months in 1997. About Tom Driberg and Clement Attlee. Remember it with great affection and with Alec gone and Michael retired, I'd love to see it again.


There are too many to choose one! After the Dance at the NT. Great performances all round & felt very much like the last time Benedict Cumberbatch would be ‘one of us’! The History Boys back at the beginning ..... wow!


Ooh... would love another look at Mojo (saw it once from the cheap seats!) - the NT Othello from 2013 would also be on my list...One of those shows that will stay with me forever.

Feel free to add your choice in the comments or if you want to answer the latest Sunday Theatre question head over to Rev Stan's Instagram feed or Facebook page.