Video: 60-second review of Wild, Hampstead Theatre (2016) now available to watch online
Video: 60-second review of Fleabag, available to stream via Soho Theatre

Video: This Sunday's theatre question is about Shakespeare

On Desert Island Discs you get given the complete works of Shakespeare to take with you but what if instead of that you got to choose one production of one Shakespeare play?

Tell me what you would choose - and why - in the comments.

(Excuse the missing captions in the middle, Clips app is not having a good day today.)

During this period of social distancing, there is still plenty of theatre available to watch online and I've compiled a list of some of what is available.

I'll update the list periodically as new stuff is announced and you can find it here and I'll also be posting about announcements - and reviewing streamed productions I haven't previously seen.

So these are easy to find, I've created a 'streaming' category.

In the meantime, if you've missed a Sunday theatre question, here's a few I've already posted:

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