Theatre streaming: Hampstead Theatre's I and You starring Maisie Williams to be available on Instagram
Theatre streaming: Headlong announces Unprecedented a series of new plays for broadcast during lockdown

Video: This Sunday's theatre question is about how you are getting your theatre fix

What a difference a week makes, now that theatres are closed what are you doing to get your fix?

Let me know in the comments and apologies for the missing subtitles in the middle of the video, the Clips app had a moment.

If you are looking for inspiration then I've started compiling a list of theatre-related things you can do during this period of social distancing.

I'll update the list as new stuff is announced and you can find it here and I'll also be posting regularly about announcements - and reviewing streamed productions I haven't previously seen.

So these are easy to find, I've created a 'streaming' category.

In the meantime, if you've missed a Sunday theatre question, here's a few I've already posted:

The question about unexpected audience experiences.

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The question about which theatre production you'd revive?

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