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Theatre streaming: National Theatre announces NT Live streaming from April

As soon as theatres went dark last week, my first thought was when the National Theatre would open up its NT Live archive and offer some productions for streaming.

NT Live logo

Well, it's happening, starting on 2 April, every Thursday at 7 pm an NT Live production will be streamed on YouTube.

There are 11 seasons worth of NT Live productions in the archive but people who know more than me about these things reckon it will only be plays from the which are already approved for use by schools. So this list here.

The first production to stream is One Man, Two Guvnors and you can find details of the rest of productions being streamed in April here on the National Theatre's website.

NT Live's school-approved collection still has a very good selection and you never know, they may get permissions sorted for some of the non-schools approved plays.

Which ones would you like to see?

And if you want a tease, here's a list of the entire archive. You may hyperventilate a little, I did.

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