End of year review: My favourite theatre of 2019, a year of dazzling performances, wit, drama and tears
In pictures: Toby Jones and Richard Armitage in rehearsal for Uncle Vanya, Harold Pinter Theatre

Happy New Year and here's to 2020 - and an anniversary

I wanted to start off the year with a big thank you.

Bunbuns new year

Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews and bits and pieces.

And thank you for taking the time to comment or like posts on Instagram or Facebook.

My love of theatre and love of writing was the starting point for this blog but knowing that people read what I've written is the icing on the cake (and still surprises me).

This year Rev Stan's Theatre blog is going to be 10 years old and I'm not sure it would have made it this far without you.

I've got a few things planned to celebrate 😉.

Happy New Year here's to lots of theatre treats in 2020.