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When that moment of exciting theatre casting news gets dashed

It happened with Jake Gyllenhaal earlier this year and now it's Theo James' turn to get my hopes up and then dash them.

Theo James
I'm talking about a casting announcement of an actor I really like only to realise it's a musical.

James first appeared on my radar properly in the Divergent film series - I'm a bit of a young adult fiction/film fan.

Then I got to see him tread the boards at the Hampstead Theatre two years ago in Sex With Strangers and he didn't disappoint.

So when I got an email with his name emblazoned in the subject line I got really excited... for a moment.

Musical decision

Like Mr Gyllenhaal, Mr James has decided to do a musical - City of Angels (details at the bottom in case you are interested) so my excitement was short-lived.

I knew he could sing because he was in a band called Shere Khan until they split up in 2012 and, well, the internet.

Which was more than director Josie Rourke: "I knew Theo was a terrific actor, but I had no idea he was also in possession of such an exceptional singing voice."

Last musical I saw

And, coincidentally, City of Angels was the last musical I actually saw (yes my dislike of musicals stems from actual experience).

But like Jake doing Sunday in the Park With George next Summer, I won't be seeing Theo James on stage this time around.

Slightly disappointed.

City of Angels is at the Garrick Theatre from 5 March 2020 and has other starry names attached, details of which you can find on the official ticket website.

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