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End of year review: My 5 least favourite plays of 2019

End of year review: My 5 favourite fringe plays of 2019

It's the end of year theatre review time and thought I'd kick off with my favourite fringe plays of 2019.

Kompromat Vault festimal photo mark senior
Guy Warren-Thomas and Max Rinehart in Kompromat. VAULT Festival. Photo: Mark Senior

Some of these may well end up on my final top 10 list but this is my way of cheating highlighting some more great theatre.

In no particular order (links are to my original reviews):

1.Kompromat, Vault Festival

David Thame's sexy spy thriller is elevated by emotional depth. It was just as much a play about loneliness and connection as it was about a hitman and his target.

Can't wait to see what he writes next.

2. Seven Methods For Killing Kylie Jenner, Royal Court upstairs

This made a lot of what is on stage in London look stodgy and staid. A fresh and achingly contemporary play that cleverly and boldly tackled social media and what it reveals about modern society.

3. My White Best Friend, Bunker Theatre

It's been a year of important theatre which unashamedly and provocatively addresses racism and prejudice.

Uncomfortable viewing, as it should be, but more than that it was cleverly put together and brilliantly performed. 

Photo flavia fraser cannon lipstick fairytale of iran
Nathan Kiley and Siobhan O'Kelly in Lipstick A Fairy Tale of Iran. Photo: Flavia Fraser-Cannon

4. Lipstick: A Fairytale of Iran, Omnibus Theatre

A play which mixed the colourful, camp and different genres of storytelling with harsh realities of life in Iran. It was clever, powerful and entertaining and I'm sure it will be back on stage.

5. Nor Woman Neither, Tristan Bates

A poignant and sharp comedy about trying to turn childhood dreams into a reality. It had shades of Fleabag in its portrayal of modern women and I hope it gets a longer run somewhere.

Have you got a favourite fringe play of 2019? Would love to know what I missed, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Coming soon...least favourite plays of 2019 and my 10 favourite plays overall.

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