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James McAvoy is back on stage but it's not 100% good news

Love James McAvoy. It was only yesterday I was reminiscing about his knockout performance during a rehearsed reading.


So any announcement that he is returning to the stage is exciting. Except that Martin Crimp, writer of two of my least favourite plays, is involved.

The silver lining is that it's an adaptation, not his own play.

I'm still reeling from having endured When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other earlier this year, not least because that will forever be the first (maybe only) play I've seen Cate Blanchett in.

Minimal harm?

The vehicle for McAvoy's next stage outing is Edmond Rostand's classic play, Cyrano de Bergerac. How much harm can Crimp do?

Jamie Lloyd is directing which is definitely a plus. He and McAvoy have worked together a number of times before. 

Lloyd can take credit for having McAvoy unicycle around the stage in nothing but his pants during The Ruling Classes. Don't know why I remember that.

So I am excited about the chance to see James McAvoy on stage again but also a little bit nervous.

Cyrano de Bergerac runs at the Playhouse Theatre from 27 November to 29 February and you can register to get info about on-sale dates via the ATG website.

James & Jamie:

The Ruling Classes, Trafalgar Studios - James McAvoy is certifiably good.

Macbeth, Trafalgar Studios - McAvoy is leader of the pack

Me and Martin Crimp

In the Republic of Happiness, Royal Court - the play I wanted to sleep through.

When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other, National Theatre - Not even Cate Blanchett could elevate what is ultimately a tedious two hours