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Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the London stage...and a tale of how Poly just gets me.

You have to understand that I've been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal's since seeing the film Donnie Darko 18 years ago.

He has appeared on stage in London before but that was back in my non-theatre going days. Hard to believe but they did exist.

I've waited a long time for him to return now that I'm a theatre-goer again. And he is back, in Sunday in the Park With George.

A musical. A musical. I hate musicals. You can read why here, although since writing that post I've realised that I also don't like songs as a form of narrative. I find it difficult to engage with them.

Musicals get under my skin in an irritating way.

Had to leave

I lasted 20 minutes into Hugh Jackman's The Greatest Showman before I had to leave the cinema.

Three songs for Rocketman.

See I do try.

Would I be able to overcome my dislike of musicals for Jake?

Give it a go?

There was a part of me thinking, I could give it a go, get a cheap ticket and duck out at the interval if I really was struggling - I'd at least see a bit of Jake.

I decided to do some research to test my resolve and found a video clip from the Broadway production.

Think I lasted about 30 seconds into the 4 minutes clip. It was the particularly irritating 'singing when you could just talk' type of thing.

The wise Poly

The funny thing was that I met up with Poly a few days later and I brought up Sunday in the Park with George (she saw it in New York and loved it).

Before I could explain how for a short while I thought I could see it, before watching a clip, she said: "You'll hate it."

No attempt to persuade me - she's tricked me into seeing 'almost' musicals before.

So no, I won't be going to see Jake Gyllenhaal when he comes to London next year and Poly confirmed why.

Understanding friend

She gets me.  

For those who do like musicals, this one gets Poly's seal of approval and you can see it at the Savoy Theatre from June 11, 2020. Tickets available via the ATG website

I'm just keeping 🤞 that Jake decides he wants to do play in London before too long.

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