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Playhouse Theatre transforming for Stephen Daldry's The Jungle + rehearsal photos

Preparations are underway for the West End transfer of the Young Vic's The Jungle directed by Stephen Daldry.

The Playhouse Theatre, where the play opens for preview on June 16, is being transformed in order to accommodate Miriam Buether's original set design from the Young Vic and the Dress Circle will be transformed in the 'Cliffs of Dover'.

Screens will also relay close up shots, live news broadcast-style, to bring a more intimate play watching experience in the larger theatre.

Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson’s play is set in Europe’s largest unofficial refugee camp, the Calais Jungle, which in 2015, became a temporary home for more than 10,000 people. 

The cast is in rehearsal and you can see pictures below.

The Jungle rehearsals. Photo by Marc Brenner
The Jungle rehearsal. Photo by Marc Brenner
The Jungle rehearsal. Photo Marc Brenner
Stephen Daldry & Justin Martin. Photo by Marc Brenner
Rachel_Redford_and_Ammar_Haj_Ahmad__Photo_by_Marc_BrennerRachel Redford & Ammar Haj Ahmad. Photo by Marc Brenner
Mohammed_Sarrar_John_Pfumojena_Cherno_Jagne__Photo_by_Marc_BrennerMohammed Sarrar, John Pfumojena, Cherno Jagne. Photo by Marc Brenner
Justin Martin & Yasin Moradi. Photo by Marc Brenner
John Pfumojena. Photo by Marc Brenner
Elham_Ehsas_Nahel_Tzegai_Sara_Mokonen_Photo_by_Marc_BrennerElham Ehsas, Nahel Tzegai & Sara Mokonen. Photo by Marc Brenner
Cherno_Jagne_Ben_Turner_Nahel_Tzegai_Sara_Mokonen_Rachid_Sabitri_Photo_by_Marc_BrennerCherno Jagne, Ben Turner, Nahel Tzegai, Sara Mokonen & Rachid Sabitri. Photo by Marc Brenner
Ammar_Haj_Ahmad_and_Yasin_Moradi_Photo_by_Marc_BrennerAmmar Haj Ahmad and Yasin Moradi. Photo by Marc Brenner
Alex Lawther. Photo by Marc Brenner