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Review: Dazzling, nerve-jangling and toe-tapping Circolombia, Underbelly

A street-edged show of dazzling and nerve-jangling acrobatics which captures a joyful, c'est la vie camaraderie while entertaining with the most jaw-dropping feats.

CircolombiaThe Circolombia troupe of 13 singers and acrobats chorus: 'A deep breath as I walk, as I fly and as I fall' and it is an appropriate summation of the essence and tone of their performances. 

Direct from Colombia, this street-edged show of dazzling and nerve-jangling acrobatics captures a joyful, c'est la vie camaraderie while entertaining with the most jaw-dropping feats.

Acrobatic dance

Live rap and backing beats with a Colombian-flavour interlace acrobatic dance sequences and add pace to the tumbles and a rhythm of anticipation to faster segments.

The ensemble gathers for banquine, creating a human base from which to hurl each other through the air with controlled precariousness, landing with a perfect wobble on an adjacent base of human arms.

Later a teeterboard (seesaw to you and I) will propel Juan David Campo Teran higher and higher as if he is bouncing on a trampoline, building to a death-defying dismount complete with an applause-inducing array of twists and somersaults.

A slower backing track and pitch-perfect ballads herald feats of strength, grace and elegance - but all carry with them palm-sweating peril.

Francisco Hurtado Hurtardo perches a circular frame on his forehead from which Sandra Ibanez Ramirez, with graceful control, contorts her body into seemingly impossible positions and holds.

Hold your breath

Perhaps some of the most hold-your-breath work comes from aerial artists Cristian David Trivino Rincon and Laura Lucia Lloreda Martinez.

He is hoisted up by a strap passed precariously around the back of his head while Laura hangs from him, the two moving into gravity and posture defying positions.

Returning to the ground briefly to draw breath before they are hoisted again only this time straps are held in their teeth.

Joyful and toe-tapping

It is a joyful, toe-tapping, gasp-inducing show that feels like it comes from the heart carrying with it an air of friendship and always looking out for each other.

As the troupe's song suggests through good times and bads we are there. It will leave you grinning, probably with slightly damp palms but definitely a warm fuzzy glow.

I'm giving Circolombia five stars.

Circolombia is at Underbelly until 14 July and it's 60 minutes without an interval. You are allowed to take photos without a flash.

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