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There are so many things that inspire my choices of what to see at the theatre but there are a few things that are actually a turn-off, besides musicals.

Here are three things that have me running in the opposite direction. What are yours?


It's everywhere, everyday, the reminders, the opinions - and I'm happy to share mine in a different forum - but if I see BREXIT in the synopsis for a play something inside me dies a little bit.

2. Immersive theatre

When it is done well it's brilliant, but more usually it's just awkward, exposes bad story-telling or reminds you of why there are conventions in the first place. It feels like a term that is bandied about to make a production sound daring and exciting.

3. Male-centricity

Guess what, the world isn't just made up of men and a play that has only men in it, is starting to be a big turn off. Was seeing the world purely through male eyes ever a novelty?

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