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Theatre addict fixes - production announcement highs

If you are a hardcore fan of theatre or music or films or art or anything like that you'll perhaps get this. An email lands in your in box - or you see a tweet, or something on Facebook - announcing a new play/film/tour etc and you get a rush of excitement. Maybe you are a cool cat and can contain it or maybe you are like me and your heart starts racing and you can't help saying out loud, much the bemusement of your work colleagues, 'bloody hell!'.

Then follows the 'every second counts' googling on suddenly the slowest computer on the planet to find out if tickets have gone on sale, simultaneously checking your diary for potential dates. You nab those two good seats that seem to have been left just for you and nervously await the confirmation screen - nothing is certain until then. Ping it is done.

You check the details just in case you've missed the fact that it's actually at a theatre in the Outer Hebrides, take a screen grab for evidence 'just in case' and wait for the email confirmation to come through for back up. Add to diary, sit back and bask in the post purchase glow and then look around at your colleagues, none of whom will appreciate or understand your excitement.

Or is it just me?


The most recent instance this sort of excitement was the Cat On A Hot Tin Roof announcement last Friday for four reasons: It's a Tennessee Williams play I've yet to see, it's a Young Vic production directed by Benedict Andrews and Sienna Miller and Jack O'Connell are in it and I love both of them.