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Rehearsal photos: A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Lyric Hammersmith

Possibly the most exciting theatre casting news this year

Andrew Garfield photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

It's only February and already we've had the excitement of Jamie Lloyd directing Kit Harington in Dr Faustus and Dominic Cooper treading the boards again but this week, while I was buried under a ton of work, @Polyg sent me a text that put a huge, huge grin on my face. The text said: "Andrew Garfield in Angels in America at the NT".

The grin was because Garfield is on my list of actors I long to see on stage. I think he's one of the best actors of his generation; there are too many fantastic performances in his body of work to mention individually but I have some highlights.

First up is Kid A a TV drama in which he played Jack who is trying to rebuild his life after being release from prison for a crime he committed as a child.

Then there is Never Let Me Go, a film that has me rocking backwards and forwards sobbing on the sofa every time I watch it. There is one particular scene in which his character finds out that the one thing he's been striving towards for years is a myth. He doesn't say anything, he just lets out a scream so full of hurt and disappointment it breaks your heart. The trailer is one of those that pretty much gives away the entire story but it has the scream.

I also want to mention The Social Network and last year's 99 Homes as evidence but in particular I have to mention Spiderman. His was the most human Spiderman for me. He gave a Spandex-wearing comic book superhero depth and that isn't something you can often say.

So I'm very excited to see him on stage but I'll have to wait, Angels In America isn't scheduled until next May. I'm already keeping my fingers crossed that it is opens in time for my birthday as I can't imagine a better way of celebrating.

Oh and while I was focusing on Andrew Garfield, the National was also announcing a Simon Stephen's version of Threepenny Opera with Stan-fav Rory Kinnear playing Macheath, Lucien Msamati in Amadeus, Tamsin Greig playing Malvolia in Twelfth Night and more of Mr Ralph Fiennes treading the boards, this time in Antony and Cleopatra - a Shakespeare play I've never seen. And if that wasn't enough, my favourite director of the moment, Ivo Van Hove is going to direct Hedda Gabler at the end of the year. Phew. Need to sit down in a darkened room now.

Andrew Garfield photo is used under a creative commons license.