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Theatre-land behaving badly - three pet peeves so far this year

4628277817_d0ab67f499_zWe are only just coming up for two months into the year and as well as some strong contenders for my best of list (Hand To God and David Tennant's Richard II to name just two) theatre-land is determined to irritate and annoy me.

So far we've had:

The long, long play not starting early

Culprit: Uncle Vanya, Almeida.

What I'd like to say to theatre-land: Guess what, quite a lot of us have to get up and go to work in normal jobs that start at normal times, not theatre-land time, so not getting home until 11.45pm on a Monday isn't good.

Bad set design

Culprit: Welcome Home, Captain Fox!, Donmar Warehouse.

What I'd like to say to theatre-land: Hello! Audience here. Hi, yes it's us, you know the ones that pay to sit in those things called the seats around the stage, so we can watch the actors, watch as in see them? Kind of irritating when you have a table at the front of the stage, right in my sight line and I miss key scenes because I can't friggin' see what is going on. If I wanted to sit and watch a table for two and a half hours I'd do it in the comfort of my own home and not pay £30+ for the privilege.

Disorganised friends schemes

Culprit: Young Vic.

What I'd like to say to theatre-land: You know that money I pay you every year? Yep that, it's nice having a bit of money isn't it?  Well I give you that money so I get priority on booking because I like the best seats. So it is intensely irritating when I get home after work to discover an email in my inbox announcing the new season and that tickets went on sale six hours ago. Notice people, give a bit of notice that's all I ask, buying tickets involves a bit of organisation.

Moan over.

Angry-Ann picture by Josh Janssen on Flickr and used under a creative commons license.