That was my year of theatre-going 2015: Favourite fringe plays
That was my year of theatre-going 2015: My favourite plays...

That was my year of theatre-going 2015: Least favourite plays

I'm calling these 'least favourite' rather than 'worst of' because they are plays I didn't like or didn't get on with for various reasons and that doesn't necessarily mean they were bad. It looks like the National Theatre hasn't had a good year but I saw so much there it's probably proportionate. Probably.

So in no particular order:

Hard Problem, National Theatre - Eagerly awaited and subsequently disappointing new Tom Stoppard play, it just wasn't engaging enough.

The Mentalists, Wyndhams - From Richard Bean I was expecting One Man, Two Guvnors belly laughs instead I got mild amusement.

Game, Almeida Theatre - Underwhelmed by Mike Bartlett's exploration of a topic that has been covered better elsewhere.

An Evening At The Talk House, National Theatre - Felt very long for a shortish play which speaks volumes

Waste, National Theatre - Lack of shock value made this a dull political piece