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Jess Latowicki, courtesy Richard Davenport.JPG 2 copy
Jessica Latowicki in Tonight I'm Gonna Be The Real Me. Photo: Richard Davenport

Tonight I'm Gonna To Be the New Me is an intriguing title for play as it immediately raises a myriad questions about the 'me' of the piece. Is it Jessica Latowicki performing under her own name or is it her boyfriend (in real life too) the 'writer' of the piece Tim Cowbury who also controls the lighting and who is occasionally teased into the performance.

Then there are all the questions about why the desire or need to be 'new'.

The play is a mass of contradictions as it explores Tim and Jessica's relationship. Is it an honest portrayal of a dishonest relationship? Is the dishonesty with the audience? Is it Tim's perspective, his fantasy, likes and dislikes, needs and annoyances? Is Jessica his puppet serving his whims - she wears sequined hot pants and a bra top and performs in a cube?

Are Jessica's conversations with the audience her breaking away from the script or has Tim put them there? Are her long free-form dance sequences her own invention? When she has Tim go and get her a beer in the middle of the performance is that her or is he exposing an aspect of their relationship?

The two of them are listed as 'creators' which adds an alternative dimension of reality to the piece.

Where there is truth and certainty is in the portrayal of the nitty gritty of a relationship. The real relationship behind closed doors or when no one is looking. The knowledge and acceptance of each others worst personal habits. The character traits that come with not only knowing someone really well but that long term cohabiting reveal.

Cowbury and Latowicki's writing exposes the little things the ticks and clicks couples develop over years after the honeymoon period is over. There is sniping and tenderness, annoyances and special moments only they share. Sometimes it is like being on a tube train with a couple that are simultaneously arguing and necking and you aren't quite sure where to look.

Tonight I'm Gonna Be The New Me will resonate in different ways to different people. It is intriguing and not necessarily an easy watch. You can catch it at the Soho Theatre upstairs until September 26 and it is 70 minutes without an interval.