Production photos: Ben Whishaw, Bertie Carvel and company in Bakkhai, Almeida Theatre
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Theatre hottie of the month: July edition (with bonus hot moment)

Thought Bertie Carvel in Bakkhai at the Almeida might steal this, even at the beginning of the month before I'd seen it. He has a look in his eye you see. There is a Greek word for it, that Poly told me about, that doesn't have an English equivalent but it sort of means a combination of sexy and fun.

Now he's quite stern to start with but Ben Whishaw's Dionysos starts to work his seduction, loosens him up. And then later he wears a dress and there is a scene where Dionysos, who is also wearing a dress, tucks a lose strand of hair back for him and it is just so sexy. Trust me.

And if all that wasn't enough to send you running for a cold shower he wears this outfit at the press night party and completely rocks it.

So my theatre hottie for July is very definitely Bertie Carvel.

Bertie Carvel in Bakkhai. Almeida Theatre. Credit Marc Brenner_2.jpg
Bertie Carvel in Bakkhai, Almeida Theatre. Photo: Marc Brenner


Bonus hot moment: I must mention this moment in Three Days In the Country at the National which was hot, hot, hot (I've seen it twice now). It is the nectarine eating scene. The maid (Cherrelle Skeet) fancies the tutor (Royce Pierrson) and he gives her a nectarine which she starts eating slowly, flirtatiously, keeping eye contact. They kiss while her mouth is full of nectarine. And when they are done she says "keep the stone".

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