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Theatre hottie of the month: April edition

It's been a fruitful month of 'talented' talent. At first I thought Alex Hassell, playing Biff in Death of a Salesman, in his white vest and PJ bottoms would walk away with the title. He even made baby blue knitwear look sexy.

Then there was Jack Farthing playing a rent boy in Carmen Disruption who made me want to be a boy.

But then I went to see Cheek By Jowl's Russian Measure For Measure and, well, I was a little bit breathless and a little bit giggly by the end. So April's theatre hottie is Peter Rykov, the gorgeous Peter Rykov who played Claudio.

Here he is as Claudio making a double bass look sexy:

Peter Rykov & Company. Photo - Johan Persson
Peter Rykov & Company. Photo - Johan Persson

...and here he is relaxing with a refreshing drink of milk.

Peter Rykov photographed by AyDan Kerimli

Not convinced? Check out his Tumblr

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