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Review: Wingman, Soho Theatre

Wingman 006, Ed Fringe 2014, courtesy Robert Workman
Jerome Wright and Richard Marsh in Wingman. Photo Robert Workman

Plays often resonate with your own experiences but occassionally they can get so close as to touch a raw nerve. This was the case with Richard Marsh's Wingman and as a result it moved me in quite a profound way.

In Wingman, Richard (Richard Marsh, naturally) is caring for his terminally ill mother when his estranged father Len (Jerome Wright) decides to make an unwelcome appearance. It was a scarily and emotionally familiar scenerio.

Marsh's writing brilliantly draws out the humour turning the tragedy into something that is naturally farcical - families just have that effect on us all if we can take a step back and observe. It is funny but while everyone else was laughing I was crying. It was all a bit too recent to laugh about, just yet.

Wingman 002, Ed Fringe 2014, courtesy Robert Workman
Jerome Wright and Richarch Marsh, Wingman. Photo Robert Workman

Richard's story then takes a path a safe distance from my own raw recollections. Len is still determined to forge a relationship with his son. He has cut himself a set of keys to his flat and keeps letting himself in. Richard is still resisting out of anger, betrayal and a loyalty to his mum but has other problems he needs to address like a new family of his own.

Like The Me Plays at Old Red Lion, which I saw earlier this week, the dexterous mix of verse and prose gives a gloss of poetry to the human condition, making it beautiful, epic and ridiculous at the same time.

Wingman is well-observed, moving  and entertaining fun. It is deftly performed with just a couple of chairs for props and once I'd licked my own emotional wounds I enjoyed it very much.

Its running time is one hour 10 minutes and you can catch it at the Soho Theatre studio space until Sep 20.

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