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Polyg has posted a fab list of five actors she'd love to see on stage but hasn't yet, which got me thinking. I ran a similar list back in 2011 which included men and women (can now tick off Julie Walters) but it is growing. Poly's list is all male (coincidence or is there a list of actresses to come?) and I'd say a big yes to everyone for the reasons she states and add:

Andrew Garfield won awards for his stage Romeo early in his career and appeared on Broadway two years ago but 2006 was the last time he trod the boards in London. He's got such a varied body of film and TV work under his belt but stands out, for me, in those roles which require a deep emotional sensitivity. His performances have made me laugh and smile but have also had me sobbing and I think he'd be pretty special to see perform in the flesh.

Tilda Swinton returning to the stage would get me very, very excited. She spent her early career with the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and RSC and since then has gathered such an eclectic and interesting mix of screen roles to her name. I could see her doing something avant garde with a subtle yet powerful magnetism.


Dane de Haan had a brief spell on Broadway early on having appeared in community theatre but since then has appeared in a selection of films that illustrate a discerning eye (or maybe he's just been lucky?). He has a quiet charisma that he twists beautifully in different ways for heroes and villains. I'm hoping that Daniel Radcliffe's love of the stage will reignited the flame for him as the two worked together on the film Kill Your Darlings.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been on my favourite actor list since the film Donnie Darko in 2001. He won an Evening Standard Award for This Is Our Youth in 2002 so he's no stranger to London Theatre. Come back Jack and this time I will come and see you, promise.

And a late addition, last but by no means least: Clive Owen, quite simply because he makes me go weak at the knees. But also because he's made some great films and he did start out in theatre at the Young Vic no less so it's in blood. Surely it will call him back very soon.