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Start queueing Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet is year

It's the news Cumberbitches and theatre-fans have been waiting for: dates for Benedict Cumberbatch's turn as the great Dane Hamlet. Baz Bamigboye (as always) broke the news last night that Sherlock will swap mobile phone and laptop for a sword and skull at the Barbican in August next year.

There is already talk on twitter about the inevitable scramble for tickets when they go on sale with those of us of the 'before-he-was famous' fan camp fondly reminiscing about the ease of getting tickets back in the After The Dance days.

What is particularly good news about the announcement is the choice of venue. The Barbican is probably one of the biggest theatres in London which means plenty of tickets for the 12 week run. It should certainly be far easier to get seats than it was for Tom Hiddleston's Coriolanus in the tiny Donmar Theatre last year although that did make for a particularly special experience.

The downside is that the mooted site specific production has obviously been parked which would have made for a particularly interesting Hamlet, although better the modern Barbican with its whizzy stage gadgetry at the production designers finger tips than a crusty West End theatre.

So time to a) start saving the pennies and b) start speculating/wish-listing the rest of the cast. I've already got thoughts about Ophelia and Gertrude but I'll save them for another post.