Review: Upstanding Member at the Old Red Lion
Theatre 2013 lists: Five Best Shakespeare and off-West End plays

Theatre 2013 lists: Top 5 fringe plays of the year

Been so much good theatre this year and too many contenders for my overall top 10, which I'll be publishing on Sunday, so I thought I'd pull out a couple of extra lists so that some of those plays that charmed, entertained or moved me but couldn't be squeezed into the top 10 get a mention.

Oh, and I should probably preface these lists by saying that I've been to the theatre 108 times this year seeing 93 unique productions. The fact that there were so many repeat visits gives an indicator as to just how good a year it has been (and that Mr Whishaw was back on stage).

First of the lists is my five best fringe* plays that didn't make it into my top 10:

 * I class fringe as small, non-West End theatre/commercial theatres or studio theatres

Tomorrow I'll post my top Shakespeare and top off West End productions, that didn't make it into my top 10