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Review: Blue Man Group, Universal Studios, Orlando

It's difficult to describe quite what sort of entertainment the Blue Man Group is. They don't speak. They drum a bit, sometimes on instruments made of plastic piping. They make art and sound with paint and food. They play around with lights, shadows and other visual tricks. And, they are blue.
It is a unique sort of cabaret made quirky by the performers who have the curiosity and playfulness of children encouraged by attention with the occasional knowingness of adults. The blue paint also gives them an other-world appearance. It is charming and disconcerting at the same time.
If you are sat in one of the front rows you are given a poncho as you are in the 'splash zone' and if you are late, well everyone will know what you look like. This is interactive entertainment with no fourth wall and a finale that can't but help get everyone in the party spirit (and up from their seats).
This is family fun - assuming the later evening show in a Friday is the same as the 6pm I saw - and as such is harmless and unusual fun.
Afterwards there is the chance to meet some of the Group, if that's your thing.
Good holiday entertainment.