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The Donmar's new season is announced - are we excited?

The Donmar has produced a bit of a mixed bag of late. Really enjoyed Trelawny of the Wells and The Weir but not so much The Night Alive and Roots. The forthcoming Coriolanus is the one play this year that feels like I could label it  'highly anticipated' not least because of it's starry casting of Tom Hiddleston.

So what of next year's offer at the Donmar? Anything to get really excited about? The first three plays have been announced and while there isn't one that immediately makes me go "ooh" there is promise.

First up is a Peter Gill play called Versaille which has one Tom Hughes in it, which is a good thing because I wasn't impressed with the last Peter Gill play I saw at the Donmar.

Next is a new Peter Graham play Privacy which does make me sit up straighter in my seat. Graham made me like political drama with This House last year and he's written one of my favourite and most memorably fringe plays to date: The Man. On these two plays and productions alone this bodes well for something exciting and a little bit different.

And then finally there is Fathers and Sons a Brian Friel play 'after the novel by Ivan Turgunev'. Now I've only got Philadelphia Here I Come from Friel's back catalogue to go on but I really enjoyed that. Coupled with the fact that Lyndsey Turner is directing this could be a cracker.

So are we excited? Well I'm not leaping of the sofa but a big part of the joy of going to the theatre is in the surprise.