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Second thoughts review: Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan and Rupert Grint in Mojo

First thoughts review: Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan and Rupert Grint in Mojo

IMG_3324So here are a few first thoughts about Mojo at the Harold Pinter Theatre - for more detailed thoughts see second post link below.

With a cast that is such a magnet for fangirls, the first preview is always going to have a slightly hysterical feel to it and there was plenty of inappropriately timed and inappropriately vigorous laughter which got a bit annoying. The cast fed off it too which combined with that extra nervous energy of the opening night wasn't always to the good but then that is all part of the first preview experience and it will calm down and mature.

Ben Whishaw was in fine voice (bodes well for playing Freddie Mercury if that comes off) and threw a few cool moves too. Managed to break a prop with his energetic performance. He reminded me a teeny bit of a nastier version of Sidney from Layer Cake. He's looking quite toned as if he's been working out - he certainly needs to be fit for this production.

Rupert Grint looked surprisingly assured for his first stage outing although Sweet doesn't feel like a huge stretch character-wise. I confess I had some reservations about how he'd perform on stage but I was pleasantly impressed.

Colin Morgan also looked very comfortable and had a twitchy energy that reminded me a little of what I saw in him when he played the lead in Vernon God Little back in 2007 at the Young Vic. He's looking a lot leaner than when I saw him playing around on monkey bars in The Tempest at The Globe.

And Brendan Coyle? Well, Micky is a calm and measured character so he reminded me of Bates.

The cast earnt three encores and one or two people stood. I think that was a little generous but then where would the cast go performance-wise if it was perfect on the first night?

There is already much to enjoy and think about with Mojo and it is only going to benefit as the cast (and the audience) relax into it. Really, really looking forward to seeing it again next week with @polyg.

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