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RSC's trailer for Richard II - don't get excited

Another underwhelming trailer for a play and another opportunity missed - and this one is being broadcast in cinemas to advertise the live broadcast.

I'll save you 1 min 38 seconds - it's sweeping views of English countryside with the scepter'd isle speech as a voice over. Then the camera pulls back showing a pile of soil on the stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with a crown placed on top of it.

No sign of Mr David Tennant who's playing the titular role (just in case you didn't know) until the very end - but don't get excited, it's just the promo image of him sitting on the thrown in his jeans.

Lets face it, Mr T is the biggest and best selling point of this production. You'd think they'd have milked that.

So no hint of anything about the production or even what the play is about for those unfamiliar. Cracking.