A play trailer, of sorts, that actually works: The Boat Factory, King's Head Theatre
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Review: Catch it while you can, The Boat Factory, King's Head Theatre

The_Boat_Factory_pic_2_largeThanks to @KarlO'Doherty for the recommendation on this one. Written and starring Dan Gordon it is a chronicle of life working at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast in the late 1940s.

It is simple, yet effective story-telling that is always a refreshing change on the table of highly-produced West End fare. Gordon together with Michael Condron tell the story of Davy and Geordie who meet as joiners apprentices in 1947, becoming two among the 35,000-strong workforce at the 300-acre yard. 

Over 80 minutes they recount the fun and tragedy, the graft, scams and a little of the skills involved in working at the shipyard which built the Titantic and the SS Canberra among many, many others.

The story is, naturally, a colourful and lively affair with larger than life characters - a camp shoe seller, a farting grandfather and a despostic foreman among the number. Gordon and Condron switch between them all effortlessly, sometimes even playing the same character in the same scene but never lose the heart of the two protagonists.

A play that is interesting, fun and moving. Liam Neeson is a fan and so am I, catch it while you can, it is on at the King's Head Theatre until Saturday.