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Review: Catch it while you can, The Boat Factory, King's Head Theatre

A play trailer, of sorts, that actually works: The Boat Factory, King's Head Theatre

I've moaned about play trailers in the past. They are often too cryptic, art over substance lacking any intrigue or indeed anything to prick curiosity about seeing a play. Theatre productions companies are new to this marketing tool so it's a learning curve - film production companies don't always get it right either and they've had decades of practice.

But there are one or two that are getting it right - this one by Propeller for it's production of Richard III a couple of years ago not only gives a sense of the story (if you are unfamiliar) but a flavour of the tone of the production.

The trailer for The Boat Factory, which is on at the King's Head Theatre, covers new ground and it really works. It is part documentary, part interview and part play trailer. It's like a video rendition of an article you'd get in a good theatre programme interwoven with clips of the performances.

Yesterday I put a tweet out asking for play recommendations as my theatre diary is excitingly empty for the next two weeks and it was one of the suggestions (thanks @Karlodoherty) so I checked the theatre website and found the 'trailer'. And I'm in, I've booked my ticket.

If you have any other recommendations for must sees get in touch.