Review: Untitled Matriarch Play, fifth play in the Royal Court's weekly rep season
Review: Cush Jumbo's Josephine and I at the Bush Theatre

Theatre 2013 half year review - some lists

July. How did that happen? 52 plays in six months. How did that happen?

So here are some numbers and some thoughts on the year so far...

27,653 people have visited my blog - I love each and every one of you *blows kiss*

35,002 pages have been read and these are the top five most read individual posts:

1. Second thoughts on Dame Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw in Peter and Alice

2. Punchdrunk's A Drowned Man or nice sets, shame about the lack of performance (thanks Punchdrunk, I did get something out of it after all)

3. First thoughts on Dame Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw in Peter and Alice

4. Five coolest theatre venues in London (I should probably do a new list of the five hottest with current weather conditions ;0)

5. James McAvoy's Macbeth at the Trafalgar Studios second thoughts

And here are a few of my personal highlights of the year so far:
  • Ben Whishaw back on stage after three years and with Dame Judi to boot.
  • James McAvoy rocking Macbeth
  • Curious Night at the Theatre bringing together so many names, the parodies, the mystery guests; truly a night to remember (technically doesn't qualify for first half of the year because it was July 1 but, oh well)
  • Di and Viv and Rose being brilliant all over again
  • Rory Kinnear'sIago in Othello
  • Propeller for just being brilliant as usual
  • RSC'sAs You Like It which was worth every penny for Alex Waldmann's torso alone but also just great fun overall
  • The Weir at the Donmar for being gripping
  • Third Finger Left Hand for being funny and moving
  • Jamie Lloyd for bringing together such a steller cast for The Hothouse and making me want to see more Pinter