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Theatre: best of 2013 so far...and Peter and Alice isn't number one *shock*

As Spring has finally got a hook around Winter's neck and is dragging it kicking and screaming towards the wings it seems appropriate to reflect on the first three months of the year in theatre land. I've clocked up 23 plays which is slightly less than usual but there is plenty of time to catch up and this is my top five:

1. Di and Viv and Rose, Hampstead Theatre

Loved it when I saw it in the downstairs space and loved it all over again on the bigger stage with a slightly different cast.

2. Peter and Alice, Noel Coward Theatre

Why not number one you ask, it's got Mr W in it after all? Well it was close, very close, but I saw the first performance and it no doubt will have benefited from a bit of bedding in. Will find out next month for my second viewing. Can't wait.

3. Twelfth Night, Apollo Theatre

It was the last performance I saw, hence why it didn't make it into my 2012 list but it was worth the wait, great fun. Will forever have the image in my head of Johnny Flynn being pushed across the stage. And Stephen Fry's curtain call speech was worth the ticket price alone.

4. Macbeth, Trafalgar Studios

Again an early performance that needed a bit of bedding in but James McAvoy proved once again what a flawless stage actor he is with an effortless performance. April is project 'see Macbeth again' month and where there is a will...

5. Trelawny of the Wells, Donmar Warehouse

Joe Wright's first attempt at theatre and pretty fine it was too. Just good old-fashioned, fun entertainment.

And the worst? Well I haven't seen anything terrible yet this year, which is a good sign or bad if you think that by the law of averages there will be at least one rotter and it is still to come.

OK, so those are my favourites, what are yours?