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Another uninspiring play trailer - why do theatres waste their money?

I'd bought my ticket for The Low Road at the Royal Court long before this trailer appeared because it's written by Bruce Norris. Was I not familiar with his work or the subject matter of the play would this have inspired me to part with cash? I very much doubt it.


When theatres are supposedly cash strapped I can't fathom why they waste money on something that is neither intriguing, inspiring or even remotely insightful after all, isn't that the point of a trailer, to make you want to see the play? Or am I missing something?

It's almost as if theatres approach trailers from the point of view that a play is such high art it couldn't possibly present something that is straight forward, that gives a hint of the plot and potential drama, instead it has to be abstract or so metaphorical that out of context becomes meaningless.

Might start a list of the worst play trailers created and this one is definitely up there. The RSC's recent effort for its production of Hamlet also qualifies although at least that wasn't quite so abstract. Any other suggestions?