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James McAvoy's Macbeth at Trafalgar Studios - second thoughts

James McAvoy's Macbeth - first thoughts

The man himself is fabulous, totally at ease on stage and his scenes with Claire Foy's Lady Macbeth have an air of tenderness mixed with an aloofness born out of a shared tragedy. (Had a bloody good snog as well, saw JM lick his lips after ;0)

It is quite messy but not in the way I expected. Only splatters flying in mine and @polyg's direction were drink related unfortunately.

Think the setting - dystopian Scotland - is both a blessing and a hindrance, sometimes used well others not so. There is one staging device they'll be hoping is talked about but will be remembered for different reasons, certainly by those sitting in the stage seats on a sleety evening.

Not sure everything in the production is quite well-oiled enough yet but press night isn't until Tuesday so there is time yet and director Jamie Lloyd had his notebook with him (didn't go back stage during the interval though - is that usual?)

The first half works better while the second gets weighed down by the long, fairly static scene between Malcolm and McDuff especially after the energy and drama of the McDuff family murder with our charismatic anti-hero. I'd be tempted to get the red pen out and cut back myself.

Oh and the joy of the Scottish accents especially James McAvoy's cannot be underestimated.

More soon when I've properly digested.