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Stan does the Camden Fringe: Forwards and Backwards

Stan does the Camden Fringe*: Arabian Nights

Born out of the Cambridge Am Dram Society, Arabian Nights is a collection of fantastical mini fairy tales used as a diversion tactics by heroine Sheherazade in order to delay her execution.

Her husband, a king, is wreaking revenge on womankind having being jilted by his first wife. He marries then executes *insert evil laugh here*

But the plot isn't really that important it's the story telling as the cast of five take on multiple roles to play humans, animals and fantastical creatures accompanied by a musician/sounds effects chap.

It is quick-paced and quite slickly done albeit with one or two wandering accents. The characters are all larger than life and the performances similarly so but it works as the plot doesn't allow for any lingering.

This is silly fun, not quite the rip-roaring comedy it promises in the programme but certainly an entertaining 55 minutes.

Arabian Nights runs at the Camden People's Theatre until August 18

* Well a couple or three plays anyway, for now.