Glad to have caught Proud at the Lost Theatre
Stan does the Camden Fringe*: Arabian Nights

Finding the Lost Theatre and living the dream

PhotoIt has always been a dream of mine to live within walking distance of a theatre. Now in that dream it is usually a Covent Garden loft where I dwell but in actual fact my humble, unlofty flat in Stockwell lies less than a five minutes walk from the Lost Theatre

Housed in the former South Bank University department of built environment on the Wandsworth Road most of the building has been converted into flats and shops.

The theatre itself is the old lecture theatre which protrudes from the front of the building. It has always been a bit of an eyesore, Prince Charles would probably call it a carbunkle but its reinvention makes me see it in a new light. 

It is to my shame that, despite its proximity and my curiosity to see what it is like inside, that it was only last night when I got to experience the building, see a play and walk home afterwards.

As you can imagine, a purpose built lecture theatre is an ideal small theatre. It has nicely raked seating and surprisingly generous leg room. And the stage is also a good size too. It's probably a cross between the Finborough and Gate, size-wise.

And the play itself, that was another case of I wish I'd seen it sooner so I could encourage others to go as, and I am ashamed to say it but it was surprisingly good and it finishes on Saturday. (My review here)

So I am happy to have found the Lost Theatre and be almost living my dream.