Battle of the Richard III's part 2: Rylance does Rooster at The Globe
Terrific Tom in the not quite perfect Doctor's Dilemma

Theatre related stuff on TV and Radio July 25 - 29

Compiled by Poly Gianniba

Wednesday July 25

9am on BBC Radio 4: Midweek features Kate Bond who co-founded the theatre company You Me Bum Bum Train in 2004. A performance journey for one audience member - or passenger - at a time. 

7:15pm on BBC Radio 4: Front Row reviews George Bernard Shaw's The Doctor's Dilemma at the National Theatre.

Thursday July 26

7:15pm on BBC Radio 4: Front Row reviews Richard III at Shakespeare's Globe, with Mark Rylance

Friday July 27

10pm on BBC Radio 2: BBC Radio 2 Arts show interviews Samantha Spiro for her role in The Taming of the Shrew at Shakespeare's Globe.

Saturday July 28

7:15pm on BBC Radio 4: Saturday Review features Richard III at Shakespeare's Globe.