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Choosing who sits next to you and making friends at the theatre

Interesting blog post by Guardian writer Kelly Nestruck about whether you should be able to choose who you sit next to at the theatre. It's based on an idea by Dutch airline KLM whereby you can upload your Facebook or LinkedIn profile when you book so, presumably, you can choose a like minded person to sit next to.

I'd be more interested in an audience mute button, personally.

The article does go on to talk about how difficult it is to socialise at the theatre, in a making friends sense rather than going with your friends and not having enough room in the bar (although that can be a problem). Kelly does mention some sociable scenarios - the day seat queue camaraderie is one - but ignores one very good facilitator of socialising at the theatre: Twitter.

If is wasn't for Twitter I'd, in the main,  still be going to theatre by myself. However, over the last two to three years I've got to know more than a dozen fellow theatre aficionados and made some very good friends. 

More often than not if I happen to book to see something by myself I'll bump into someone I know from Twitter. I wouldn't have met my theatre partner in crime @polyg without Twitter. 

Twitter also means the discussions about the plays go on long after you've said your goodbyes and headed home. And there is a support network there if you are having a horrendous time trying to buy much in demand tickets on the day of release or want to know about day seat queues.