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More exciting casting news for Twelfth Night and Richard III at The Globe

OK so it was always going to take the presence of someone like Mark Rylance on the stage at The Globe to get me sitting on those uncomfortable benches in the chill of a Summer evening. However, today's news that joining Mark Rylance in the cast for Twelfth Night and Richard III will be the wonderful Samuel Barnett and Johnny Flynn means that I'll be hitting the internet the moment tickets go on sale. 

Taking a leaf out of Propeller's book there will be gender swapping, Barnett will play Elizabeth in Richard III (and Sebastian in Twelfth Night) while Flynn takes on Lady Ann in Richard III and Viola in Twelfth Night.

It also means that this year there will another battle of the Richards. Last year we had Propeller vs Spacey and now we have Rylance vs Jonjo at the RSC.

*rubs hands with glee*