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These are a few of our favourite theatre things: @Weez's Bloody Trousers

28122011158Written by @Weez  who writes the Notes From The Earlham Street Gutter blog

My object of choice is this pair of delightfully dysentery-stained trousers as worn by the Ghost of Henry V (Geoffrey Streatfeild) in the RSC’s recent production of Henry VI Part 1.

The RSC were having a wardrobe clearout, and although I couldn’t go myself, my friend was planning to go and promised to get me something I might like, which in this case apparently meant gruesome yet historically accurate trousers.

The RSC production of Henry V literally changed my life, and the Histories Cycle remains the single greatest weekend I have ever experienced.

To me, these trousers are not only a physical memento from that ambitious production, but also hugely symbolic.

Firstly, they're symbolic of the fact that plays - like kings - will eventually come to an end. And while it’s okay to mourn the passing of a Henry V, there’s no reason to stay down, because there’ll be a Henry VI along in due course.

But more than that, they’re also a reminder of the fact I’ve got to know a whole bunch of other theatre nerds over the last year or so, and they’re all wonderfully kind and generous people, who’ll pick up cool things for you from RSC jumble sales, or book a ticket on your behalf, or just be there for a good nerdy chat at the interval or over coffee or on Twitter.

While theatre remains one of the most enjoyable solitary pastimes I have, it turns out that it's even more fun when you have awesome people to share it with. And, of course, a pair of blood-spattered trousers.

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