First play of 2012: Fog at the Finborough
These are a few of our favourite theatre things: @Weez's Bloody Trousers

Introducing: These are a few of our favourite theatre things

This was @polyg's idea last year, inspired by the Royal Shakespeare Company's celebration of 50 years with 50 objects. Why not, said Poly, get our fellow theatre-goers to write about a favourite object they have in their possession from or associated with a play. 

Brilliant, said I, and started tentatively floating the idea around. Well a few months and a bit of cajoling later we are sort of ready to start. The target is one object/souvenir/story a month for the year but if I can persuade more people to share their stories, then they may become more frequent. 

The first favourite theatre object/story is posted here and if you have a story you'd like to share on the Rev Stan Theatre blog drop me an email. It can be a signed programme, a prop, a ticket stub, even an encounter - anything that has a special theatre-based memory attached to it really - and have an accompanying picture.

Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I do and am looking forward to (if all of the promised stories are delivered there are some real treats coming up, one involves Arthur Miller but that's all I'll say.)