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Alan Rickman to tread West End boards again?

Alan-Rickman-zv-alan-rickman-6915892-1280-1024I travelled to Dublin for my first chance to see Alan Rickman tread the boards. It was totally worth it just to just to hear his voice as he spoke his first lines from the shadows of the side of the stage. It was a voice that sent shivers down my spine.

But I might not have to travel quite so far to see him again. He's on Broadway in Seminar at the moment but there is talk that it might transfer to the West End later this year - if Mr R will come with it.

Know nothing about the play but the prospect of hearing his dulcet tones will have me grabbing for my credit card should such talk prove fruitful. And lets face it, as I've already said recently here on this blog, for all the juicy theatre morsels on offer this year, we are still lacking some big named castings to really get excited about. Well, castings that I would get excited about at least. 

And because the chances of seeing another Stan fav Benedict Cumberbatch on stage this year are anorexic at best because of all the film work he seems to be signing up for, here is the best of both worlds, a clip of BC impersonating AR.