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The Observer puts its marker in the sand with a top 10 theatre 2011 list

Has everything opened for the year then? I suppose we are nearly half way through December but it doesn't stop me being a little bit surprised to see that The Observer has put out its top 10 list of the best theatre for 2011.

My last play of the year is on Dec 31 so my 2011 review certainly won't be appearing until after the midnight chimes ring in 2012. 

Now Susannah Clapp's list covers the whole country so there are quite a few productions on it that I haven't seen as most of my theatre-going is London based.

Interested and very pleased to see  Southwark Playhouse's Tender Napalm at number 10. I loved it too but I'm not sure it will have scored quite high enough to make it into my 'best of'. We'll see.

Also really pleased to see Propeller's two Shakespeare's at Hampstead, Richard III and Comedy of Errors, getting prominence. The company's fine work seems to have been pretty much overlooked in the London theatre awards, so far, which is shameful.

One Man Two Guv'nor's is an obvious entry and deservedly so but most likely won't be making my top 10 and neither will Mike Leigh's Grief which seems to have got a lot of people excited but has left me feeling  a little bit over all that Mike Leigh unique directing style stuff.