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The Ladykillers: funny but not as funny as One Man, Two Guvnors

L-R-Clive-Rowe-Peter-Capaldi-Ben-Miller-Marcia-Warren-Stephen-Wight-and-James-Fleet-in-The-Ladykillers.-Image-by-Manuel-HarlanWouldn't have gone to see The Ladykillers at the Gielgud if it hadn't been for the offer of a freebie (thanks @glenpearce1) but I'm glad I did - the set and theatre wizardry is worth the visit alone.

I certainly wouldn't pay full whack to see it but then farce isn't my favourite type of comedy and it didn't make me laugh as much as One Man Two Guvnors, which I liked despite myself.

And I would also recommend, for once, seats higher up (we were in the Royal Circle) as the stage is multi-layered.

The story isn't complex. A master criminal rents a room in the house of a doddery old lady so he and his gang can plan a robbery. When the lady discovers what they are up to, they have to work out how to remove her from the equation. 

The cast led by Peter Capaldi as Professor Marcus and Marcia Warren as the wonderful Mrs Wilberforce are uniformly good. And of course it is the characters themselves that add the colour and entertainment.

James Fleet plays Major Courtney who has a penchant for dressing in women's clothes, Stephen Wight's Harry Robinson suffers unfortunate side effects from the pills he pops and Clive Rowe's One Round is nice but amusingly dim and inadvertently the architect of much of what goes wrong.

Coupled with a bit of slapstick and the amazing set and appropriate theatrical trickery it is an entertaining evening. I laughed a bit, I smiled a lot but I didn't split my sides and I did with One Man.

Worth a look if you want want a fun, light evening at the theatre. There were empty seats there last night so I wouldn't be surprised if tickets offers appear soon. I'm going to give it four stars mainly because of the set and the wizardry.

The Ladykillers is playing at the Gielgud Theatre until April 14.


Peter Capaldi was in The Devil's Whore which starred Andrea Riseborough who was in The Pride with Mr W. And @polyg will probably disqualify this one (even though it's my game) but Harry Peacock who plays Constable Macdonald is Katherine Parkinson's boyfriend. Katherine played Mr W's girlfriend in Cock.