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The enjoyable but flawed Haunted Child at the Royal Court

2011: The year dictators fell and er...artistic directors quit

OK so alcohol may have been involved, for some at least, but last night, after watching Haunted Child at the Royal Court, we* got talking about how theatre news and world news have been mirroring each other this year. As dictators have fallen around the world, so well known artistic directors have announced their resignations.

Yesterday Dominic Cook announced he was leaving the Royal Court just as North Korea is mourning the death of leader Kim Jong-il.

Then back in October Michael Boyd and Vikki Heywood announced their departure from the RSC Meanwhile, during the same month, Colonel Gaddafi was captured and killed in Libya.

Going back to earlier in the year, Spring in fact, Josie Rourke said she was quitting the Bush Theatre to step into Michael Grandage's shoes at the Donmar Warehouse not long after Mubarak stepped down as President of Egypt. 

Just a coincidence, obviously.

* @polyg, @3rdspearcarrier, @weez, @lorranah and @pcchan1981