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Theatre on TV and Radio: Week 28 November - 4 December

The Truth about Hamlet

From guest writer @polyg, be afraid, very afraid.

In honour of the Young Vic Hamlet, which goes further than most in exploring unusual theories ("Is it real? Is it not? Is Horatio Hamlet's imaginary friend?"), what's your favourite theory of the play?

Ian Shuttleworth, the theatre critic of the Financial Times, has mentioned the following story a couple of times and it's a cracker:

Osric and Claudius were lovers. Their plot was to kill King Hamlet, Claudius  would take the throne and Osric would rise up the ranks. Inevitably, the very pragmatic Claudius decides that marrying Gertrude is a smart political move. Osric, abandoned and jealous and nowhere up the ranks as he would have liked, wants to take his revenge. He disguises as the Ghost of King Hamlet, leaks information and sets the story in motion. And it is a successful plan, as in the end [BIG SPOILER] everyone dies, except him (and Horatio). Do these two have a future together?

Who has a better theory?